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Spooky Action Play Reading Series: The Artist Has to Pee by Lisa Clair

Spooky Action Reading Series presents:

THE ARTIST HAS TO PEE (Or How I Turned Into A Sea Monster)

A Post Pop Performance Opera in 5 Parts.

by Lisa Clair // music by Andrew Lynch.


Featuring Sea Monsters, original music and a chorus of Marina Abramovićs.

THE ARTIST HAS TO PEE investigates the inevitable degradation of our bodies and attempts to transcend this corporeal reality through ritual, music, and performance. Clair seeks to learn from the performance techniques of art icon Marina Abramović; chosen because of her dedication to “confronting pain, blood, and the physical limits of the body" in performance. Clair becomes pupil to Abramović’s master in an attempt to use art-making as means of transcending the physical burdens associated with her real experiences living with Multiple Sclerosis. Parallel story lines converge with Clair’s gradual transformation, scene by scene, from female theater artist into the mythic sea monster Scylla. Is Marina Abramović the witch who poisoned the waters? Is true liberation possible?

With performances by : Lisa Clair, Andrew Lynch, Katie Melby, Shaye Troha, Julia Sirna-Frest and Special Sea Monster accoutrements by Normandy Sherwood