Mending on Friday 4/21!!

Mending on Friday 4/21!!!

Come to a new workshop of

by Normandy Sherwood
directed by Craig Flanagin
performed by Ean Sheehy, Lisa Clair and Normandy Sherwood
with music performed by Kevin Shea, Sana Nagano, and the company

Why do we need all this stuff? I’m sorry it’s such a vague question, but, you see, some Satanists confiscated my notebook, the notebook that had all the details in it. By stuff I mean things: pencils, erasers, phone cords, wall clocks, pinecones, driveway, threshing machine, silo, catfish, telephone pole, sunset…. Pinecones... Catfish... We are enacting a ritual to mend and recover, to heal our bad relationship with things. We’re reconstructing it from memory. We want to learn how to respect a spoon.

Friday, April 21 at 8pm
Uncanny Valley
147 Manhattan Avenue,  Corner door
Brooklyn, NY 11206
Pay what you like.
Refreshments and conversations will be available.